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Lassie Come Home-1943

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Q: What is the name of the first lassie movie?
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Why is the movie lassie called lassie if the dogs name is bill?

the dogs name is bill in reality, but, in the movie, they switched the name to lassie because the dog got that part.

Who was the star in lassie?

The first Lassie character was called 'Pal' where as there has been many descendants of this astonishing movie phenominon!

What is Leanardo Dacaprios first movie?

His first movie was Critters 3. However his first acting role was on the New Lassie in 1989.

When is Lassie's birthday celebrated?

To date there have been ten Lassies with ten different birthdays. The first Lassie, from the 1943 Movie, "Lassie, Come Home," (played by "Pal") was born June 4, 1940.

What was the real name of the first dog to play lassie?

The real name of the first dog to play Lassie was Pal. Pal was an American collie who starred in the 1943 film "Lassie Come Home" and went on to portray the iconic character in several other movies and the TV series.

Was lassie a dinosaur?

Lassie- the dog, was a collie in all film and movie incarnations.

What is the birth name of Lassie Young?

Lassie Young's birth name is Lessie Young.

Where is the first lassie buried?

Well, in the 1994 movie of Lassie he died and got buried beside a tree and got his named carved onto the tree

What breed of dog starred in the 1942 movie 'Lassie Come Home'?

The breed of dog that starred in the 1942 movie Lassie Come Home was a collie. Lassie has always been a collie whether in movies or the television show.

Is lassie a famous dog?

Yes Lassie was a border collie on an old tv show or movie can't remember

Can Lassie be a boys name?

Sorry, but no. Lassie is a scottish name meaning "beautiful girl". I'm not sure he would like that.

What is the name of a fictional collie?