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The Loire River!!!

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Q: What is the name of the river that crosses to prime meridian at approximately 48 degrees north?
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What is the name of the river that crosses the prime meridian at approximately 48 degrees north?

The Loire River!!!

How many countries fall in 140 degrees east north of the equartor?

Between the north pole and the equator, the 140 East meridian crosses territory in Russia and Japan. South of the equator, the same meridian crosses, Indonesia, Australia, and Antarctica.

What continent touches 60 degrees west longitude?

The meridian of 60 degrees west longitude crosses parts of North America, South America, and Antarctica.

What is the name of the river that crossed the prime meridian at approximately 48 degrees north?

The Loire River!!!

What continent of the Philippines has 90 degrees west?

The meridian of 90 degrees west longitude crosses territory in North America and the Antarctica continent. No point in the Philippines is anywhere near it.

What countries lie at 22 degrees west?

"22 degrees west" is the description of a meridian of longitude that connects the north and south poles. The only land it crosses comprises parts of Greenland, Iceland, and Antarctica.

How many degrees is a meridian?

A meridian describes an arc connecting the north and south poles (a single line of longitude). As such, a meridian will be 180 degrees.

Which continents touch the 70 degree west line of longitude?

The 60th meridian west traverses the following: Greenland Canada Barbados (territorial waters) Guyana Brazil Paraguay Argentina Falkland Islands Antarctica

Am and pm mean?

AM = "Ante - Meridian"PM = "Post - Meridian""Ante" and "post" mean "before" and "after"."Meridian" is the imaginary line in the sky that runs north/south and passes directly over you.In the morning, the sun moves from the eastern horizon toward the meridian. At Noon, the sun crosses the meridian. In the afternoon, the sun has crossed the meridian and moves away from it toward the west.Morning is the time before the sun crosses the meridian = Ante-Meridian = AM.Afternoon and evening is the time after the sun crosses the meridian = Post-Meridian = PM.

Which continent is 70 degrees latitude?

70 degrees north latitude . . . crosses parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.70 degrees south latitude . . . crosses parts of Antarctica.

What are facts about meridian?

They are also called Lines of LongitudeThey measure the angles east or west of the prime meridianThey run from the North Pole to the South PoleEvery meridian of longitude is the same length -- 1/2 of the Earth's polar circumference, roughly 12,410 miles.All meridians of longitude meet at the north pole and at the south pole.Every meridian of longitude crosses some part of Antarctica.The key meridians are the Prime Meridian at 0 degrees and the 180th meridian (or anti-meridian) which is at 180 degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian.The 'anti-meridian' is at both -180 degrees and +180 degrees on the map which is the same imaginary line where the east and west hemispheres meet. It joins the north and south poles, and runs through the Pacific Ocean.

What is the latitude and longitude for 46 degree north latitude from the prime meridian if you move to 21 degree south 35 degree west 20 degree south 45 degree west and 20 degree north?

The latitude and longitude for 46 degrees North latitude from the Prime Meridian are approximately 46 degrees North latitude, 0 degrees longitude. Moving to 21 degrees South, 35 degrees West would take you to approximately 21 degrees South latitude, 35 degrees West longitude. Continuing to 20 degrees South, 45 degrees West would position you at approximately 20 degrees South latitude, 45 degrees West longitude. Finally, moving to 20 degrees North would bring you around 20 degrees North latitude, along the same longitude as the previous location (45 degrees West).