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The Declaration of Independence can be viewed at the National Archives Museum in Washington D.C

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Q: What is the name of the room in which the Declaration of Independence is kept?
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What is done in the preservation room?

the declaration of independence and all other documents are maintained and prserved

Why did the declaration of independence get signed in a room with boarded up windows and door?

For the fear of snipers

Where was the independence made?

The Assembly Room in Philadelphia's Independence Hall, where the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. There is no exact proof where it was made. Thomas Jefferson was the official person appointed in writing the Declaration of Independence. Other people edited it though.

How did Israel declare its independence?

David ben Gurion gathered some of the lead Zionists and their allies in a room in Tel Aviv and read a Declaration of Independence to them as well as over the radio.

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What is the name of the room in a bank where money and valuables are kept?


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Did the founding fathers stay locked in a hot room together when writing the declaration of independence?

yes it was Ben Franklin's new invention and that's how they added the secret message that can only be seen when steam is added

In what room was the Declaration of Independence signed in?

Independence Hall's assembly room. Ben Gates (In national treasure) really controls the emotion of our Liberty when he said, "The last time it was here, it was being signed." You can see the independence hall in PENNSYLVANIA.

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Did Thomas Jefferson have a big role in the revolutionary war?

He helped end the war, or at least made the Declaration of Independence telling Britain that the colonists wanted to be free of British rule. The Declaration of Independence didn't END the Revolutionary War. It STARTED it.