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The name for the and sign is ampersand.

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Sign I as. Faith

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Q: What is the name of the sign for 'and'?
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Can i sign a car title that is in my girlfriends name?

no you cant sign it its in her name. she can sign it over to you or she can add your name to the title but no u cant sign it because its not in your name.

When you have power of attoreny how do you actually sign person's name along with your name?

You sign and print their name then you sign and print next to it as POA.

When was Sign Your Name created?

Sign Your Name was created in 1988.

What is the scientific name for the number sign?

The scientific name for the number sign "#" is octothorpe.

What is the procedure to sign someone's name with permission?

To sign someone's name with permission, you will sign your name first, add the per procurationem or p.p. designation after your name, and then sign the missing person's name. This is the preferred method of signing.

What is the name of the sign of Hinduism?

the name of the sign of Hinduism is 'aum' or 'om'.

Which zodiac sign is for name of mansi?

The name derived zodiac sign of the name, 'Mansi' is Leo.

How do you say Wyat in sign language?

Each sign name is different. If the person does not have a sign name, just spell it. Each sign name is made according to the personality of the person who is receiving the name. Only deaf people are permitted to give sign names.

Another name for a theater sign?

Another name for a theater sign is "marquee."

What is the name of the subtraction sign?

the subtraction sign

How do you say my name is raven in sign language?

To express "My name is Raven" in American Sign Language (ASL), you would fingerspell the name "R-A-V-E-N," then sign "MY NAME" before fingerspelling again, or use the sign "ME NAME RAVEN."

How do you say the name Nicolette in sign language?

Like with all names you would fingerspell it, unless you were givin a sign name by a deaf person. A sign name is a special sign that is your "nickname" in sign language, until you receive one the proper way is fingerspelling.