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a national od the US is "a citizen of the United States of America"

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Q: What is the nationality of US?
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What the US nationality?


What is the TRUE nationality of your current US president?

Barack Obama's nationality is American.

What is Clinton's nationality?

Both Clintons, Bill and Hillary, have US nationality.

What nationality is Robins?

US Citizen

What is the largest Hispanic nationality in the US?


What is the nationality of the majority of the US population?


What nationality is Jeff Koons?

He is US American.

What is the US Nationality?

I think it is the bear.

Which Nationality was most common in the US Colonies?

The nationality most common to the US Colonies were of English descent. The arriving colonists were mostly indentured servants from England.

What nationality was Chuck Close when he was born?

US American.

What is the nationality of the first man on the moon?

A US citizen

Is Torri Webster Canadien?

She was born in the US but her Nationality is Canadian