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The Grand Old Party or GOP

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Q: What is the nickname of the Republican Party?
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If GOP is the acronym for the nickname of the Republican Party what is the nickname of the Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party does not have a nickname analogous to "G.O.P."

What is Nickname for the Republican Party?

The current Republican Party is nicknamed the G.O.P. meaning the Grand Old Party.

What is the common nickname of the Republican Party?

The Grand old Party or GOP

What American political party has the nickname GOP?

The Republican party is also known as the Grand Ole Party.

What party is Gop a nickname for?

GOP (Grand Old Party) Republican. Wrong. says that is wrong.

What's the nickname of the Republican Party in America?

The Democratic Party doesn't have another name like "G.O.P." for the Republican Party. In particular, the name "Democrat Party" is incorrect. No member of the Democratic Party ever refers to it as the "Democrat Party."

What does GOP mean?

GOP is the abbreviation for "Grand Old Party," one of the older names for what is today called the Republican Party in the United States. This political party goes all the way back to the era of Abraham Lincoln, in the 1860s, and is still around today.

What political party did African American usually belonged to during the reconstruction?

republican party

What party did abraham lincoln join that was against the spread of slavery?

the republican party

What new party formed after the whig party split?

The Republican Party.

What party was Richard M. Nixon in?

Richard Nixon was a member of the Republican Party.

This party later became the Republican Party?

The Democratic-Republican Party was better known as the Republican Party. The later Republican Party was named to pay homage to this party.