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During last year's (2008) scandal over the Democrats using the practice of passing bills which did nothing more than honor someone or something to slip past Republicans some spending and regulatory bills without the benefit of or opportunity for debate, we learned more than 1100 bills are passed in this way per year. This is what brought my attention to the question. How many bills of all kinds are passed by a normal annual Congress.
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I don't believe there is a specific number of bills passed each and every congressional session.

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i dont know the exact number but ithink four bills have been passed by the congress

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Q: What is the number of bills passed each congressional session?
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Where do most bills that are not passed stop?

Congressional committees

What congressional committeess only works on passed bills?

Joint Committes

Which bills has been passed by the Indian parliament in its monsoon session 2013?

food security bill

What percent of congresional bills are enacted?

On average, about 4-5% of congressional bills introduced in the United States are enacted into law. This low percentage is due to the rigorous legislative process and the large volume of bills that are proposed each session.

Who keeps a record of all Congressional bills?

the bank usually keeps the records of all congressional bills. hope it helps!

Record of all congressional bills?

There are multiple sources that maintain a record of all congressional bills. The primary source is the official website of the United States Congress, which has a legislative database called It provides comprehensive information on bills, resolutions, and legislative activities. Additionally, there are other platforms, such as and, that also offer searchable databases of congressional bills.

What are submitted in a single congressional term?


Which congressional submit the final bills that authorize specific spending?

The congressional members that submit the final bills that authorize specific spending are the members of the House and Senate. They have budget committees that submit the bills.

What president passed the most bills?

March 9 to June 16 1933 President Roosevelt sent a record number of bills to Congress. And all of them were passed

What ways can the president curb congressional power?

The president can veto bills that are passed by Congress. This is the legislative checkpoint that can be applied by the executive branch. In addition, the president can recommend laws to Congress, call for them to meet and enforce or execute the bills they pass.

Congressional bills dealing with people's claims against the government are called?

private bills

Why is there such a big difference between the number of bills introduced and laws passed?