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Q: What is the only question requiring concurrence in the both houses without approval of the president is what?
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Who decides which laws are necessary and proper in the U.S system of government?

The US Congress debates and passes the laws, subject to approval by the President and the judgments of the Supreme Court.

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Answer this question… Sponsor high-profile legislation to win public approval

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Such approval is granted by the governing body of the country in question

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You'd have to define who "they" are in order for this question to be answered.

In case the president is disabled how does the vice president become president?

they become president because there next in line a president has a vice president because if anything happens to the president the vice president knows what to do because he/she has been there the whole time and knows the responsibility of the president

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Answer this question...What is the basis for the U.S. Food and drug Aministration (FDA) approval of pharmaceutical product as safe and effective?

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