What is the origin of green?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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I think it's from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"....and I saw him at the Buick Open and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

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Q: What is the origin of green?
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What is ethnic origin of surname green?


What is the origin of the name Denver?

The origin of the name Denver is of Old English and French. And its meaning is "green valley".

Origin of rainforest green marble?

Rain forest is from India

Is the band green day of Irish origin?

no there from Oakland California

What is the country of origin of wild west green granite worktops?

Wild West Green granite comes from Brazil

Who gave the name Green to the color green?

The name "green" for the color comes from the Old English word "grene," which was derived from the Germanic word "grōni," meaning "green."

Where did the name Chloe originate from?

Chloe is of Greek origin and means 'green shoot'.

Do lovebirds like green chillies?

Green Chillies should never be fed to any bird regardless of his origin or ancestry makeup.

What is the origin of the word verdigrease?

The word should be verdigris. It is a green crystallized coating seen on copper, for example on building roofs or sculptures. The OED states its origin as being from Old French "vert de Grece" or green of Greece.

What does the surname Landaverde mean?

Perhaps Basque/Spanish in origin it would mean "green country".

What is the origin of the green pigment in hydra organisms?

Hydra's live sybiotically with Chlorella(Green Algae). The Chlorella provides food for the Hydra and is still alive, this explaining the green pigmentation in Certain Hydra's.

What was the origin of Vermont?

it is a combination on two french words "vert" which means green and "montagne" which means mountains.