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According to Mutt Romney and his elitist cabal, 47%.

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About 40 Million people.

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Q: What is the percentage of Americans on public assistance?
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Is child support public assistance?

No. Public assistance is paid from public funds. Child support is paid by individual obligors.

Approximately what percentage of the American public supports capital punishment?

Today, two-thirds of Americans still support the death penalty.

What can you do if your ex husband is receiving public assistance but your son is not living with him but living with your parents?

You should report this to the public assistance agency.

How is child support determined if you support your kids with no government assistance but the mother gets government assistance?

In general, child support is a percentage of the obligor's net income. Whether or not the other parent/child receives public assistance is not relevant to this calculation. If the amount of support received is less than the public assistance grant, the State will retain the child support as reimbursement. If support exceeds the grant, the grant will be discontinued and the support will be forwarded to the other parent.

What if father is disabled veteran how to calculate child support?

In general, child support is a percentage of the obligor's net income. Only SSI and public assistance are exempt from this calculation.

What percentage of Americans live to be 93?

percentage of Americans live to be 93?

What is the percent of Asian Americans?

The question is ambiguous, Are you interested in what percentage of Asians are Americans, or what percentage of Americans are of Asian origin?

How did the social security act try to maintain a distinction between insurance and public assistance?

Roosevelt's Economic Security Act maintained a clear demarcation between social security, which Roosevelt believed Americans would feel they had earned because they paid into it, and public assistance, which he felt discouraged people from working and undercut their initiative.

What percentage of Americans ride the bus?

In 2007, 10.3 billion unlinked trips were taken using public transportation. 58.5 percent were by bus.

Is Medicare a public assistance program?

No, tax payers pay into medicare, then get the benefits later in life. Public assistance is for persons unable to pay.

What is the definition for public health assistance?

It is assistance to the health of the community as a whole. 2007

What program can provide assistance for debris removal following a presidentail declaration?

Public Assistance