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Q: What is the primary form of revenue any government?
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What is the primary form of revenue for any governmentWhat is the primary form of revenue for any government?

Taxes and various fees are where government money is raised.

What is the primary form revenue for any government?


What is primary form of revenue for any government?


What is the primary for of revenue for any government?


Who holds the power is one of the primary concerns of which form of government?

nova- D all of the above!Who holds power is a primary concern of any government.All three forms of government ( Democracy, Autocracy, Totalitarianism)

Is revenue another name for government income?

No. "Revenue" is any kind of income; it means "money collected". The government uses the word "revenue" to mean "money collected by the government", because the government is mostly concerned with how much money THEY collect, as opposed to somebody elses' revenue. The specific term for "government income" is a "tax".

What cruel punishment did the colonists do to british tax?

The colonists did not inflict any punishment, cruel or otherwise, on British tax.Tax is government form of revenue and cannot be punished

Revenue is properly recognized?

Revenue is properly recognized as an income at the end of an accounting period. Any form of money received is regarded as revenue.

Difference between tax revenue and non tax revenue?

Tax Revenue:Taxes are the first and foremost sources of public revenue. Taxes are compulsory payments to government without expecting direct benefit or return by the tax payer. Taxes collected by Government are used to provide common benefits to all mostly in form of public welfare services. Taxes do not guarantee any direct benefit for person who pays the tax. It is not based on direct quid pro quo principle. Non-Tax RevenueThe revenue obtained by the government from sources other then tax is called Non-Tax Revenue.

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Is it allowed that a Kagawad member to work to any form of Government employee?

Only the qualified Kagawad members can work to any form of government employees.