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people are calling it the filibuster, but it's actually the cloture, think of it as closing the debate.

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Q: What is the procedure in the Senate to limit debate on a bill called?
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What is a cloture?

A procedure used in the senate to limit debate on a bill

The senate is reluctant to use what to limit debate?


What do three fifths of the full senate have to vote for to limit debate?


Limit on the debate of a bill in the senate?

If the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is part of the majority, he or she gets to write the _______.

What is the meaning of the word cloture?

Cloture is a parliamentary procedure used in the U.S. Senate to end a debate and proceed to a vote on a bill. It requires a three-fifths majority (60 votes) to invoke cloture and limit further debate.

What is a procedure that may be used to limit or end floor debate in a legislative body?


What is the procedure to limit debate and prevent a filibuster from being successful?

CLOTURE pronounced 'CLOE-CHUR'

A manoeuvre that limits debate to thirty hours?

A cloture is a measure used to limit a Senate debate to 30 hours. In order for a cloture to occur, three-fifths of the entire Senate membership must vote yay for the petition to pass.

Example of cloture?

Cloture is a parliamentary procedure used in the U.S. Senate to end a filibuster and bring a debate to a vote. Senators can invoke cloture by voting to limit further debate on a particular bill or nomination, requiring a three-fifths majority (60 votes) for approval. Once cloture is successfully invoked, debate is limited and a vote must take place within a set period of time.

How much time do senators usually have to debate a bill on the floor of the senate?

The Senate does not have a time limit. The only real time limit for the Senate is that they have to vote on the bill before that Congressional session ends. If the session ends before the bill is sent to the President's desk, for any reason whatsoever (no matter how trivial the reason is), then the bill "dies," and they have to start all over the next January (when the next session begins). This often leads to abuse, which is called a "filibuster," where one Senator who opposes a bill will attempt to just talk endlessly until the bill is withdrawn, or the session ends. To combat a filibuster, 3/5 of the Senate (currently, sixty Senators) can invoke a "cloture," which limits a bill to one hour of debate. This is the only time the Senate has a time limit other than the Congressional session.

What stops a fillibuster?

In the United States Senate, the rule used to stop a filibuster is called "cloture." With the approval of three-fifths of the sitting Senators, this rule sets a limit on how long the Senate can continue to debate a bill or other proposal before voting on it.

Who in the House can limit the amount of time to debate a bill.?

No one in the White House can limit the amount of time to debate a bill. The rules governing it are specific to the House and Senate, which are not part of the Executive Branch like the President (who lives in the White House).