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Ballot initiative and referendum processes are one way ordinary citizens can be politically influential. They involve gathering of signatures by petition to enable the electorate at large to vote on issues, instead of relying on lawmakers to pass laws.

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The initiative allowed voters to propose a bill and legislation, and the referendum permitted them to vote directly on an issue.

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Referendum is a situation when decision of people is taken by government.

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YEs they are the best thing ever

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Q: What is the process for a referendum?
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The process of submitting to a direct vote of the citizens for approval of rejection?

The US Constitution provides for a process of submitting a direct vote of the citizens for a approval or rejection. This process is called a referendum.

What is the process by which citizens can propose legislation and submit it to the voters of a state?


Process by which citizens can propose legislation and submit it to the voters of the state?


Which is not a process of direct democracy initiative impeachment recall referendum?


What is the process called that allows citizens of California to make their own laws?


What are signature campaigns?

A signature campaign is the process of gathering enough signatures to get an initiative or referendum on the ballot.

What is the meaning of the word referendum?

A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal. It is commonly used by governments to seek approval from the public on major issues or decisions.

What BEST describes referendum voting?

Its a bill this is passed by the legislature that can be referred to the people to be either approved or rejected. A+Ls

What is the process called for Missouri voters to directly make laws?

Many states have a process whereby voters can make direct decisions about laws or the state constitution by referendum. A referendum may be placed on the ballot during a by petition if enough voters request it by signing the petition.

How referendum is used?

A referendum is a vote

What are example sentences of referendum?

Australia held a referendum to determine whether it would become a republic. How people vote in a euro referendum is not an issue for CA. Referendum was held to determine whether people should smoke or not.

When was Referendum Party created?

Referendum Party was created in 1997.