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the purpose of the filing cabinet is to keep every thing in one place

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to have pretty female secretaries bend over and show their rear ends

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Q: What is the purpose of a filing cabinet?
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What is the standard width of a filing cabinet drawer?

The standard width of a typical filing cabinet drawer is fifteen inches. The standard height and depth of a standard filing cabinet itself may vary, depending on the type and usage of the filing cabinet.

Where can a wooden filing cabinet be bought?

A wooden filing cabinet can be bought at various different retailers. One can purchase a wooden filing cabinet at retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Office Max.

How do you open the filing cabinet after the teacher leaves the room?

ope the locker with combination 9305 and then click on the filing cabinet

How do you work out the volume of a filing cabinet?

The volume of a filing cabinet can be known from getting the area consisting of its length and height. This figure (in meters squared) is then multiplied by the thickness of the cabinet to get the volume.

How do you lock filing cabinet?

Filing cabinets are generally locked with a key that comes with the filing cabinet and some filing cabinets only need to be locked once for multiple drawers while some filing cabinets may have to be locked separately.

How do you get rid of a bee hive in a file cabinet?

Set fire to the filing cabinet

Is a metal or wood filing cabinet best for a home office?

I recommend that you buy a wood filing cabinet. Reason why is that its stronger and in a home office you might have more stuff to put in the cabinet and a metal cabinet is less stronger.

How do you get the memo out from underneath the the filing cabinet in hotel dusk?

To get the memo from underneath the filing cabinet you just use your crow bar you got from the linen closet. Just get out your crow bar and tap on the filing cabinet. Then just drag the crowbar to the bottom of the filing cabinet and lull it towards you with your stylus. My tip would be to save it because it might take a few goes to get it right

Can a filing cabinet be attracted to a magnet?


What has four legs and files?

filing cabinet

What is the codes for enigma the book?

filing cabinet

How do you get behind the filing cabinet in deyention on big nate island?

you put the stinkbomb on the floor of the detention room and the teacher will leave then you click on the filing cabinet