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The main purpose of an interest group is to highlight their objectives, goals and grievances before the general public and government authority. By doing so, they creat public awareness and force the government authority to change,bring legislation partaining to their demands.

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The purpose of a public interest group can be to lobby for legislation that would improve either a local, State or the Federal government's duty is solve public problems. Additionally the same sort of group can have the goal of pointing out that laws and regulations already in existence are not being enforced. A public interest group can also lobby for legislation to abolish certain laws it believes are harmful to the general public or to a specific citizen group such as senior citizens.

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to get the least amount of legislation passed to gain the most from it

I must make this a major edit because the answer above does not make sense. I'll leave it there in case a supervisor thinks it does.

A public interest group is a number of people (large number or small number) who wish to influence public policy on one or several matters. If successful this could mean changing a law or help to pass a new law. It can also change the interpretation of a law or policy. Examples of what a public interest group can do, has done, or wants to do regarding public policy are limitless in number or type. I'll give one example of what a public interest group might be involved with. The hottest topic these days in the USA are gun laws. This is an ongoing public issue but the shooting of school children in Connecticut has once again put the spotlight on this controversial topic. There now exists a series of laws both nationally and at the State & local levels regarding various types of firearms. A public interest group can come together and propose that obtaining firearms should be more difficult in order to reduce the number of them. The group may not be against the ban of weapons but rather stronger regulations pertaining the purchase of guns. It is true that there are public interest groups opposing additional restraints on gun ownership.

The purpose here is not to debate the issue but to answer the question regarding public interest groups.

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They claim to serve the common good, not just their own particular interests.

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Q: What is the purpose of the public interest group?
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Is Fedecor a sectional interest group or public interest group?

FEDECOR is a public interest group

What is the main purpose of interest group?

to influence legislators in favor of one particular issue

How does public interest group differ from other interest group?

to be what is word

Which group is a public-interest group?

Public Citizen, Inc. -KB

The primary concern or goal of an interest group is?

The ultimate goal of any interest group is to have their specific interests met, especially concerning laws and decisions made in Congress.

Unlike other interest groups public interest group?

Public interest groups do advocate for what they consider to be the public good.

Is bamcef a public interest group or sectional interest group?

its a public interest group which is an organisation that is largely made up of government employees that campaigns against caste is a public interest group because it was formed for the welfare of backward and the minority community employees

An organization that tries to influence public policy?

interest group

When was New York Public Interest Research Group created?

New York Public Interest Research Group was created in 1973.

What is the group to be studied in a scientific poll?

a public-interest group

How are public-interest groups similar to nonpartisan groups?

Public interest groups are similar to nonpartisan groups because a public interest group can be a nonpartisan group and be free from ties to any political parties. In ways they still differ because public interest group can still also be part of a political party.

PIRG is an example of?

A public interest group