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it can fire 37 feet.

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600 yards !!!!!!

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Q: What is the range of a flame-thrower?
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Is a machine gun better than a flamethrower?

a flamethrower is better because it makes people suffer has long range has a wider range and dosent need accuracy

How much power is flamethrower?

a flamethrower has a power of about 90-95 some even have 100, its mostly effective at close range. so go out there and blow some *******!

Does Rapidash Learn Flamethrower?

rapidash learns flamethrower if you get the TM flamethrower and teach it

What do flamethrower mean?

what do flamethrower mean

What is the lifebuoy flamethrower?

Lifebuoy was the flamethrower's nickname, and its official name was the Flamethrower, Portable, No 2. It was a flamethrower developed by the British, and was used in World War II.

Where is the Burnmaster flamethrower in Fallout 3?

there is no burnmaster flamethrower.

What level will camerupt learn flamethrower?

it can't learn flamethrower by itself but you can give it the TM flamethrower, you get that from the game corner

Where is the flamethrower in Club Penguin?

There is or never was a FLAMETHROWER but that would be cool...

How do use flamethrower in a sentence?

Someone has left their flamethrower in the hallway.

What part of culture does the flamethrower represent?

The flamethrower comes from China

Did the Greeks invent the flamethrower?

yes the greek did invent the flamethrower

Where can you get flamethrower in emerald?

You can find flamethrower in emerald by buying 4000 coins and buy flamethrower at the Game counter at mauville city!