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What are the raw materials necessary for melamine production?

These are the requirements

of the high pressure (no catalyst) Eurotecnica


They are: 1) Ammonia

2) Carbon dioxide

These form Ammonium Carbamate

and then it decomposes to form Urea and Water. The Urea then decomposes to Cyanic

Acid and Ammonia. The Cyanic

Acid finally polymerizes to give Melamine.

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Q: What is the raw material of melamine?
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Melamine is a type of plastic material that is durable and often used in the production of dishware and kitchenware. It is not the same as porcelain, which is a type of ceramic material known for its strength and heat resistance.

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Melamine is a synthetic material frequently used to cover rough edges of cheap particle board or plywood. In this case maple melamine means it is melamine that has been decorated to try to look like wood.

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