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Q: What is the region of Wyoming?
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What is west of Wyoming?

In the western region of the state of Wyoming

What is Wyoming region?


What region is Wyoming in?

The answer is the midwest.

What region is wyoming located in?


How many land regions does Colorado have?

Landforms regions of Wyoming include the Great Plains in eastern Wyoming, the Rocky Mountains in western and southern Wyoming, and the Wyoming basin in central Wyoming. To be more specific, there are the Great Plains and the Black Hills, the Middle Rockies and the Southern Rockies, the Yellowstone Plateau, the Wyoming Basin, and dunes and badlands.

What region do the Comanche live in?

they live in Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado

What region is Colorado and Wyoming in?

The United States Census Bureau defines four regions - Northeast, Midwest, South and West. Wyoming and Colorado are in the West Region.

What region is Wyoming a part of?

Wyoming is in the state of Illinois in the United States of America. This is on the North American continent.

What is the Smallest state in the rocky mountains region?

The smallest state in the Rocky Mountains region is Wyoming.

What is Wyoming's region like?

it is in the mid west and its very calm

What region has the smallest population?

Wyoming is the state with the fewest people in it.

What is the name of the first person to live in Wyoming?

The first people to live in the region were native Americans; and they were there for many years before Wyoming was named or given a defined area of land. I doubt anyone will ever know who the first person was to live in the region. The first documented European explorer to chart the region was John Colter in 1807. The region became known as the territory of Wyoming. By the time Wyoming was declared a state there were already many people living there.