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a resolution is the ending of a story
When the conflict(problem) is fixed, usually at the end...
A resolution means solving the problem or bringing it to a conclusion
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This is when a story comes to its ends and any plot turns or problems that have come about are resolved. The loose ends are tied and the conflicts are solved in some way or another.

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Q: What is the resolution of the story?
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Who wrote a famous story without a resolution?

Frank Stockton's famous short story called "The Lady or the Tiger" has no resolution.

What is voted on by either house but has no force of law?

Concurrent Resolution. or just a resolution.

What HR mean in front of Senate or House Bill numbers eg HR 3162?

H.R. is often mistaken to mean House Resolution. It doesn't. It means simply "House Of Representatives".. H.R. House Bill S. Senate Bill H.J.Res. House Joint Resolution S.J.Res. Senate Joint Resolution H.Con.Res. House Concurrent Resolution S.Con.Res. Senate Concurrent Resolution H.Res. House Simple Resolution S.Res. Senate Simple Resolution Source: This information can also be found on the Library of Congress online website and its associated subsite called "Thomas" at

What is a resolution of Congress that has the force of law?

A joint resolution of Congress has the force of law if signed by the president. This can be passed by a simple majority in both houses.

What is the difference between joint resolution and a concurrent resolution?

In the State of California, the difference between the two is as follows:Concurrent Resolution: A measure introduced in one house that, if approved, must be sent to the other house for approval. The Governor's signature is not required. These measures usually involve the internal business of the Legislature.Joint Resolution: A resolution expressing the Legislature's opinion about a matter within the jurisdiction of the federal government, which is forwarded to Congress for its information. Requires the approval of both Assembly and Senate but does not require signature of the Governor.

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