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Q: What is the right of the people to vote on an issue called?
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Do the people in Myanmar have the right to vote?

yes , the people have the right to vote according to the so called democracy . At present the people can vote but not earlier during the time of aung san suu kyi

What is gaining the right to vote called?

Gaining the right to vote is called enfranchisement.

What do you mean by adult franchise?

The right exercise by which people elect their representatives is called to right the vote or right to franchise

Is referendum a question or a vote?

A referendum is a vote (of the whole people) on a specific issue.

What do we call the citizen's right to vote on issues?

Right to vote is what it is called.

When people vote directly on the issue of slavery that is called?

There was a vote for slavery with the Kansas Nebraska Act. The states held an election to decide if they would come in free or slave.

When people vote it is called an?

It is normally an election, when people are voting for people to represent them or for some office. It can also be a referendum, when people are voting on a particular issue or constitutional matter.

Is the right to vote a fundemental right?

does people living overseas have the right to vote

Do people in Norway vote?

the people in Norway do have the right to vote

What are some fo the people who helped gain the right to vote?

the people who helped gained the right to vote?

What is the right to vote called that starts with an s?

Suffrage is the right to vote. It begins with the letter s.

How do you spell the right to vote?

The right to vote is called suffrage or political franchise. Having a vote is being enfranchised, and taking away that right is disenfranchisement.