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To manage specific duties, people, and tasks and advise the president.

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manage specific policies

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Q: What is the role of a cabinet members in a presidential government?
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What is the role of the cabinet member in the presidential government?

To manage specific duties, people, and tasks and advise the president.

Does the democratic principle of checks and balances play a role in the selecting of cabinet members explain?

Yes. The President selects his cabinet members and the Senate confirms them. The ability to check Presidential appointments is one of the many checks that the Legislative branch has over the Executive branch.

What is a cabinet and what does it do?

A Cabinet is a body of high-ranking members of the government, typically representing the executive branch. It can also sometimes be referred to as the Council of Ministers, an Executive Council, or Executive Committee. In some countries, particularly those that use the Westminster system, the cabinet collectively decides the government's policy and tactical direction, especially in regard to legislation passed by the parliament. In countries with a presidential system, such as the United States, the cabinet doe snot function as a collective legislative influence; rather, their primary role is as an official advisory council to the head of the government. In this way, the president gets opinions and advice in upcoming decisions. The second role of cabinet officials is to administer executive branch government agencies or departments (in the United states, these are the federal executive departments). ------------------------------------------- A cabinet is also another word for a cupboard.

What is the role of the group of advisers who make up the presidential cabinet?

The role of a presidential adviser is to provide the president with information and advice about a particular matter or subject area. This includes everything from economics to national security.

Cabinet members have a dual role one to the department and one as advisor to the President?


Does the democratic principles of checks and balances play a role in selecting of cabinet members?

Not really.

Did all political parties have a role in Churchill war Cabinet?

It was a National Government. A coalition

When a President appoints the members of his or her Cabinet he or she exercises the role of?

He is performing the role of chief executive by choosing his staff to run the government. There are three branches of government: legislative; executive and judicial. There is a balance of power among the three branches. The executive branch carries out laws passed by congress within a budget approved by congress. The president has certain powers outlined within the constitution and the authority to appoint people to run the cabinet departments. Congress must approve the appointment of cabinet secretaries.

What does the cabinet chief do?

As President the Chief Cabinet decides how the government is to be run. He delegates certain responsibilities and duties to other posts. There are a total of fifteen cabinet members for the President with the Secretary of State being John Kerry.

Should all members of society play a role in government?

In a democracy all members of a society can and should play a role in government, even if the only role they play is to vote. Those who choose not to vote have given up their role in government, and are not doing their part to make democracy work.

What is a Shadow Cabinet?

A shadow cabinet is a virtual and powerless government formed with members of the opposition. Where each member of the leading government has a opposite spokepeople. It is led by the Leader of the opposition. Its role is to criticize the goverment, and to have alternative propositions to the policies led by it. Actually, it mostly refers to the british opposition. But that form of representative opposition exists in several commonwealth countries, such as Canada.

What is the role of cabinet members?

The Cabinet's main function is to assist the President in making decisions and help him execute the laws. per American Government roots and reform 2008