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In a Republic such as the United States: the citizens duties are to pay taxes, vote, and (voluntarily) serve in the Military. Part of voting to keep informed on issues that relate to you, and to fact-check and confirm information from suspect sources (most cable news).
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Depends on the system but the question is timely.

During the industrial revolution that relationship changed. We tried two different systems, Communism with central control and Democracy with Capitalism.

Both have now failed and the citizens have little real role to play in todays governments, at least the large ones.

The masses are very easy to manipulate and they are for the most part very ignorant of important issues. Should such citizens have any role in anything other than local government?

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Roughly, to vote for a representative and be politically active.

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They have an important one. They vote for the leaders of the government.

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Q: What is the role of citizens in a representative government?
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Who could vote in the representative government?

american citizens

What is a government in which citizens elect representative?

A Republic .

How citizens participate in unitary government?

what is the role of citizens in a unitary government?

What role does the citizens have as a participant in Canada government?

That varies depending on who the citizen is, their economic status, culture, and race. Even voting varies as each Canadian vote is not of equal value. Generally our system does not have citizens participating directly in our representative form of government.

Which type of government offers the greatest liberty to its citizens?

Representative democracy

What is the role of citizens in a Republican gvernment?

The role of citizens in a republican government is to decide who shall represent them. This makes the people not give up their voice in government.

What kind of government allows citizens to elect representatives?

A democracy.

Is the Israeli government a non-representative government?

Israeli government is a representative government. Members of the national parliament, as well as local government officials, are chosen by popular election, in which citizens of all religions and genders vote.

Citizen participation in an oligarchic government?

Citizens have little or no role in the government.

What is the role of the government according to a democrat?

the government represents the citizens in international affairs and also execute laws to the citizens.

What role does the citizens play in an oligarchic government?


What system of government where officials who have been elected by citizens run the country?

A representative democracy