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One of the presidents role to set agendas like the State of the Union Address. The president decides some of the senate meetings etc. It also sets budget of the U.S. He also sets up his meetings. The president usually addresses important meets and topics at the State of the Union Address.

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Q: What is the role of the chief agenda setter?
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What president was an chief agenda setter?

every's one of his roles

What is the influential role of the chief executive in agenda setting?

The chief executive is responsible for leadership and management of business, The influential role of the chief executive in agenda setting, is electing officials.

Which presidential role sets overall congressional agenda?

chief legislature

When the president determines congress' agenda he or she is carrying out the role of?

chief legislator

Which presidental role sets the overall congressional agenda?

Chief Legislator :)

Who sets the agenda for the US Supreme Court?

The Chief Justice sets the agenda for meetings.

How does local politics play a role in the national agenda of the party?

how does local politics play a role in the national agenda of the party?

Who assumed the role of Chief in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph is elected as the chief but Jack assumes the role of chief of the hunters.

What has the author Carol Banks Setter written?

Carol Banks Setter has written: 'Augustus Thomas and his role in theatre management problems between 1919-1924' -- subject(s): Theater management

What is the role of the media in the seven point agenda?

The media plays a crucial role in promoting awareness, transparency, and accountability within the seven point agenda. It helps to disseminate information about the agenda, educate the public on its priorities, and hold stakeholders accountable for their commitments. Through media coverage, the agenda can gain visibility and support, leading to effective implementation and impact.

What is the governor roles?

The governor serves in an executive role. This means that he is an agenda setter for state policy. Think of politics as a single line with the far left and far right as opposite ends with the status quo (or the middle of the issue) in the center. The agenda setter, in this case a state governor, will be on either the left or the right of the status quo, and works to pull the status quo further right, or further left. The reason they are able to do this, is as the executive of a government organization they get the most amount of speaking time to the public, versus having to fight for it like the representatives. Therefore they are able to sway public opinion in the direction of their policies. Obviously there are many other factors that can influence public opinion, such as scandal, public outcry, natural disasters, etc. In a perfect world this is the role of a governor.

What role does intention play in a communicative process?

it means you have an agenda you are trying to promote.