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to try and prove the guiltyness of the defendent with evedence and or witnesses

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Q: What is the role of the prosecutor in a civil case?
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What is the role of the adversarial system in criminal and civil trails?

The short answer is yes, although in Criminal cases it is a little bit different. The difference is that in the criminal case the State is represented by the prosecutor who has a duty not specifically to win the case but rather to seek justice. This would mean that the prosecutor has an obligation to represent the interests of the defendant as well and if the prosecutor knows or has reason to believe the defendant is in fact not guilty the prosecutor must consider that issue in pursuing the case. For how criminal and civil matters proceed, see the related links below.

What does contributory negligence mean in a civil case?

Contributory negligence in a civil case is a familiar term used in many vehicle accident cases. Who is at fault plays a major role in contributory negligence during a civil case.

Who files perjury charges if a person has been proven to lie under oath in a deposition?

In the case of a criminal trial, the prosecutor's office. In the case of a civil trial, a motion for the charge of perjury is presented to the judge in the case, and he rules on it.

What parties are involved in a criminal case?

In a criminal law case there are 6 parties involved. These parties include the victim, the defendant or suspect, the defense attorney, the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury.

What is the name of the prosecutor of the scottsboro case?

An allian

Who is the prosecuter in a criminal case?

"The State" functions as the prosecutor in a criminal case.

Is a prosecutor immune from civil liability when giving advice to the police?


How prosecutor decision affect relationship with judges?

The prosecutor and the Judge are supposed to carry themselves in a professional manner. In a court of law, the prosecutor is only supposed to argue his case for prosecution. The judge holds the final word. The prosecutor decisions does not affect the judge judgment of a case.

What role does the prosecutor play in the criminal justice system?

The prosecutor tries the defendants and presents evidence to find the defendants guilty.

Who is the prosecutor in the alger hiss case?

tom murphy

Is a prosecutor absolutely immune from civil liability when giving advice to the police?


Are a prosecutor and district attorney the same?

Prosecutor is a generic term to describe the official, usually employed by the executive authority of a place, to enforce criminal laws through coordination with the police. In the American criminal justice system, the prosecutor decides what cases should be tried in court and presents "the people's" case. "DA" usually stands for "District Attorney", which is a more-specific term for a prosecutor. A District Attorney is normally an independently elected official who performs the role of prosecutor for a given area. Prosecutor is general; DA is specialized.