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Q: What is the root of unreasonable?
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What is the root word unreasonable?

Reason is the root of unreasonable. The un- prefix reverses the meaning, and the -able suffix makes it an adjective. So it means the state of lacking reason.

What is Another word that has the same root as unreasonable?

One word that shares the same root as "unreasonable" is "reason." Both words stem from the Latin word "ratio," meaning "reason" or "logic."

What is the opposite of unreasonable?

Reasonable is the opposite of unreasonable

Amendment 4 no unreasonable what?

no unreasonable Searches

How is unreasonable used in a sentence?

Please don't be unreasonable...

What is a 10 letter word for unreasonable?

Irrational is a synonym for unreasonable.

What is the duration of An Unreasonable Man?

The duration of An Unreasonable Man is 2.03 hours.

How can you use the word unreasonable in a sentence?

When you are describing something as not reasonable, you can say, "This man is unreasonable" meaning you can not deal or reason with. Unreasonable is an adjective that means irrational, unconscionable, extravagant, senseless, or unreasonable. Example sentence: My boss was unreasonable to expect me to complete the research and hand in a report by tomorrow.

Make a sentence with the word unreasonable?

Some of the questions asked here are 'unreasonable'.

When was An Unreasonable Man created?

An Unreasonable Man was created on 2006-01-24.

Use the word unreasonable in a sentence?

That is an unreasonable amount of pushups to do in under a minute.

What was the great revolution?

Was the English people's revolt against the unreasonable demands of an unreasonable king.