What is the scarest movie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I thing the Ring is or the grudge personally, I'm not sure if they're the scariest though

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Q: What is the scarest movie?
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Which is the Scarest Chucky Movie?

The first.

What was the scarest Friday the 13th movie?

The first one.

What is the scarest zombie movie ever?

my personal opinion, 28 weeks later. The best of all time is Planet Terror.

What is the scarest ride?

The Superman in America

What is the scarest goosebumps book ever?

Welcome To Dead House. (Book and movie) I recommend this book to ghoul lovers of all ages dead or alive! LOL

What is the scarest bug?

The insect people fear most is the spider.

What is the scarest Halloween costume?

The scariest Halloween costumes are those that look like demons.

What is the scarest thing about being Texas ranger?

He covered alot of area and his back up was along way off.

Which twilight movie is the scarest?

None of them are really scaryper-sey. But if you want the most thrilling I would have to say Breaking Dawn. The suspense almost kills you, however it is not scary. At least the book isn't. When the movie comes out it'll be in two parts. My theory is it's book one and two. But I could be wrong, which I probably am. The movie should be suspenseful. New Moon is totally non-scary as well as Twilight. However if you're looking for a good fight Eclipse is coming out on the 30th of June.

What is the comparative and superlative of frightening?

most frightening

What movie title have the word 'movie'?

Scary Movie Silent Movie The Simpsons Movie Not Another Teen Movie

What is all the movies in the movie series like scary movie and epic movie?

Scary Movie 1 Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 3 etc. Epic Movie super hero movie disaser movie