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after the president it is the vice president(Joe Biden) the speaker of the house (Nancy Pelos) then the president pro tempore (Robert Byrd) after the secretary of the state and so on.

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Q: What is the secession after the president of the us?
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Why did president Lincoln oppose sececion?

US president Lincoln and many others believed that secession was a dangerous act. It would split the US into two separate nations and produce two that were weaker than a unified Union. Lincoln also believed that secession within the South, could also lead to other secessions in the future among different parts of the US. He also believed that as the chief executive, he had the duty to protect Federal property such as forts. Lincoln was a strong unionist and saw only problems if states could secede from the Union.

Who is the next person in presidential secession behind Speaker of the House?

The President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Followed by several others....

Which US President was not a citizen when he died?

All US presidents have been American citizens by the time they were elected president and all after Andrew Jackson were born in the United States. The first eight were born before the US existed. The constitution states that a president must be a natural born citizen, which the courts have interpreted to mean the candidate must be born in the United States. It is an internet myth that a president's parents must be born here: the courts have not interpreted the qualifications that way.

Who always serves as president of senate?

The vice president of the US is the president of the US senate.

Has the us faced a constitutional crisis?

Yes, here's a few - The death of President William Harrison. People weren't sure whether the Vice President (John Tyler) was supposed to become an Acting President or a permanent President. John Tyler successfully made sure that it was permanent. - The Nullification Crisis, where South Carolina announced that it would override a decision of the Federal Government. In the end, SC was forced to comply with the law and it became established the Federal Government was in charge. - The secession of the Confederate States. The Constitution had been silent on whether this was allowed. Of course, it triggered a civil war. Since the Unionists won the war, it is now accepted that secession isn't possible. - The 1876 Presidential election.

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First president to be elected by secession?

No President of the US can be said to have been "elected by secession", unless possibly Washington himself, if the states ratifying the 1787 Constitution are considered thereby to have "seceded" form the old Confederation, but this is a very questionable notion. Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederate States after their secession in 1861, but was of course never President of the US.

What future president was the only us senator from a confederate state to remain in Congress after secession?


How did President Lincoln handle the issue of secession in his 1861 inaugural address?

President Abraham Lincoln spent a good portion of his 1861 inaugural address on the issue of secession. That part of his speech took the form of a detailed legal brief denying the constitutionality of secession. His words dovetailed the illegality of secession with his oath as president to hold, occupy and posses the property and places belonging to the US government. He equated secession with anarchy.

First vice President to become President by secession?


What was the policy of Lincoln prior to secession during the secession crisis and when he became President?

Federal Right

Who was elected president of the southern after secession?

Jefferson Davis

President Lincoln's strategy regarding secession focused on?

Lincolnbelieved the Southern Secession should be met with force. Lincolnthought it was illegal.

Can a two term president serve in any position that is in secession to the presidency?


Who declared South Carolina's secession from the Union illegal.?

President Buchanan

Who declared South Carolina's secession from the Union illegal?

President Buchanan

Did Abraham Lincoln believe that secession was legal or illegal?

No, when the first states seceded, both President Buchanan and President-Elect Lincoln announced that they could not legally do that.

What event turned the secession crisis into a civil war?

The election of Lincoln as president.