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Hideouts throughout Ireland

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Q: What is the setting of the book Chase by Jessie Haas?
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What is the theme of the book Chase by Jessie Haas?

its about a boy that witnesses a murder and the murderer chases him

Is the summary in the book chase by Jessie haas?

"Chase" by Jessie Haas is a novel about a teenage girl named Chase who struggles with her family's financial difficulties and her passion for horses. The story follows Chase as she navigates her relationships with her family, friends, and her beloved horse, Red. Chase's determination and love for horses drive her to overcome obstacles and pursue her dreams.

What year was the book chase by Jessie haas taken place?

Well it seems it doesn't say it specifically in the text. That's why I use context clues. Phin, the boy, is mostly looking for food most of the time, it's southern, ( Because all the shooting with the dust and sand everywhere too ). It might have taken place during 1940 or 1950. Down south.

What is the setting in the book missing since monday by ann m martin?

The setting of "Missing Since Monday" by Ann M. Martin is primarily in a small town in Connecticut. The story follows the main character, Jessie, as she investigates the disappearance of a classmate named Annie. Throughout the book, Jessie navigates various locations in the town to uncover clues about Annie's whereabouts.

What is the setting in the book the gun?

the gun is the setting in the book

What has the author Jessie Urquhart written?

Jessie Urquhart has written: 'Wayside' -- subject(s): Accessible book

In the book downriver what do Jessie and Freddy find?

Jessie and freddy find on the moutain prayer sticks, from the hopis

In the Book downriver who does Jessie have a crush on?

You would know if you read the book........ its Troy!

What is Jessie J's favorite book?

Jeff kinny

What is the setting for the book schooled?

The setting of the book schooled is Claverage Middle School.

What is the setting of the book ttyl?

there is no real setting in the book but you could say that it takes place at a highschool or at the teenagers houses

Why does Jessie hate the slaves in the book the slave dancer?

He didn't