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He was a justice of the US Supreme Court who Jefferson urged Congress to impeach. He went on trial in 1805 but was acquitted, and this ruling set a precedence that impeachment was not to become a way for politicians to get rid of their political partisan rivals in America.

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Q: What is the significance of Samuel chase?
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When was Samuel Chase born?

Samuel Chase was born on April 17, 1741.

What is Samuel Chase's birthday?

Samuel Chase was born on April 17, 1741.

Were Samuel Chase and Salmon P. Chase of the US Supreme Court related?

No, Justice Samuel Chase, who served on the US Supreme Court from 1796 - 1811, and Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, who presided over the Court from 1864 - 1873, were unrelated. Chief Justice Chase's paternal grandfather was named Samuel, but he died in 1800 at the age of 93. Samuel Chase, the justice, died in 1811.

What colony did Samuel Chase represent?

Samuel Chase was from Maryland and represented that colony in the Continental Congress. He was born in 1741 and died in 1811.

Which colony did Samuel Chase represent?


Who was Lincoln's treasury secretary?

The Secretary of the Treasury under Thomas Jefferson were two individuals one short lived. They were as follows. * Samuel Dexter (1801) * Albert Gallatin (1801-09)

What religion did Samuel Chase practice?

Samuel Chase (1743 -1811) has no distinguishing record of his own religious affiliations. He was the son of the famed Rev. Thomas Chase. This would lead one to believe that Samuel also was considered a Protestant Episcopalian. However, this is merely association, it cannot be concluded definitely.

What state did samuel chase represent?

The state that Samuel Chase represented was Maryland. He served as Chief Justice in Baltimore until he was chosen by President Washington to serve on the Supreme Court.

What wife of Samuel Chase died in 1743?

Samuel Chase was born in 1741, so he was unmarried in 1743. Chase married Ann Baldwin in May 1762; she died in 1776. He later married an Englishwoman, Hannah Kitty, in 1785.

What was the significance of Samuel Morse?

He created Morse Code.

Where did Samuel chase go to school?

he went to Harvard University

How many wives did Samuel Chase have?

Two. Samuel Chase was married twice. He married Ann Baldwin in May 1762, but she died in 1776. He later met an Englishwoman, Hannah Kitty, whom he married in 1785.