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aniim na pagpapahalaga

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Q: What is the six important of values?
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Anim na pangunahing pagpapahalaga Translation six primary values?

The six primary values translates to "Ang anim na pangunahing pagpapahalaga" in Filipino.

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Explain five values that you consider to be most important in your working life?

For me, the important values in a work environment are:honestyconsistencyfocusconsiderationteamwork

Values with the word in a sentence?

It was important for him to share the values that his father had taught him.

Name the values of the 6's in the number 6664?

six thousand, six hundred and sixty respectively

What values and ideals are important in the US today?

Individual freedom, education, religious values, equality values

Why values education is part of the curriculum?

Children need values. In some schools the parents don’t teach values at home. To reinforce values is important for children to learn about how to treat others and what is important in their actions and life.

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The two kinds of values are intrinsic values, which are values that are inherently important or worthwhile, and extrinsic values, which are values that are based on external factors such as rewards or approval from others.

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Thirty-six or XXXVI

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