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The smallest voting district in the US is called a precinct. Kansas had the smallest average precinct size with 437 voters per precinct. The District of Columbia had the largest average size at 2,704 voters per precinct.

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Q: What is the smallest voting district in the US called?
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Who is the congressman in District of Columbia?

The US Representative for the District of Columbia is Eleanor Holmes Norton. She represents the District but she does not have voting status.

What is the smallest state in te US?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA if you are not including the District of Columbia (DC).

What branch of government elects congress?

none The voting public of each US congressional district elects one US Representative, and the voting public of each US state elects two US Senators.

Did Washington DC ever have a non-voting US Senator?

I heard somewhere that Jesse Jackson was once a non-voting member of the US Senate, representing the District of Columbia. Has that post been abolished?

What is the smallest number of US district courts that exist in any state?

Many States only have 1 district court for the entire state.

What are district courts in US territories called-?

US Territorial CourtsFederal courts that perform the function of US District Courts, but that are located in US territories outside the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are called US Territorial Courts. These were established as Article I tribunals, not Article III courts, like standard US District Courts.Examples of the US Territorial Courts include:US District Court for the Northern Mariana IslandsUS District Court for the District of GuamUS District Court for the US Virgin IslandsThe US Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction over many cases heard in US Territorial Courts.US Territorial Courts.

What are the three types of voting districts that you use in the US?

local, state, district (nova net) this is wrong....the correct answer is local state and national.... your welcome :)

There are fifty states and one district in the US What is the district called?

The District of Columbia, where Washington, D.C. is locating (hence the abbreviation D.C.).

What district courts in US Territories called?

Please rephrase.

How many members make up the US house of representatives?

435 There are 435 voting members, representatives from the 50 US states. There are 6 non-voting members for a total of 441 members (delegates from the District of Columbia, Guam American Samoa, the Northern Marianas Islands, and the US Virgin islands, and a Resident Commisioner from Puerto Rico).

What is it called when you draw voting district boundaries so as to purposely favor the party in power?

Redrawing voting district boundaries to favor a specific party is called gerrymandering. The word is a portmanteau (combination) Gerry (Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry) and the word salamander, which his districts looked resembled.

What is the smallest car in the us called?

Smart carAnother AnswerActually, the Isetta was smaller.