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Slaves at the bottom, then freedmen, and free-born citizens at the top. Then the free-born citizens were divided up into the Patricians and the Plebeians. The Patricians could trace their ancestry to one of the 100 Patriarchs at the founding of the city and the Plebeians, or Plebs, could not. Mostly, the Plebs were the common-folk, but that does not mean they could not be rich.

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Roman society had three main social groups. The patricians were the aristocracy and were the owners of large landed estates, intellectuals and politicians.. The equites (equestrians) were a lower tier of the aristocracy and they were bankers, moneylenders, merchants and investors in shipping and mining. The plebeians were the commoners and comprised lower level bureaucrats, small traders, owners of shops and workshops, market stall holders, artisans, peasants and the masses of the urban poor.

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roman citizens, non citizens, and slaves

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Q: What is the social structure in Rome?
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