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The people of the United States is the source of authority of the constitution.

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Q: What is the source of the authority of the Constitution?
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What contains the highest authority of law in the US?

which source law in the united states is the hightest authority

When did the US constitution become a source of legitimate authority?

in 1787

What is the only legal source of authority for both the states and the nation?

the Constitution

The Preamble of the Constitution of the US clearly states that the source of governmental authority is what?

The people

According to the preamble where is the source of authority for the new constitution?

"We the people"

What enlightenment Ideas influenced the constitution?

Rationalismwas advocated as the primary source and Legitimacyfor Authority

The final authority under the federal system is?

The correct answer is the the end the government always has to go to the source of governmental power, which is, the Constitution.

Who is the authority that ordains and promulgate the constitution?

who is the authority that ordains and promulgates the constitution

When did the US Constitution become legitimate source of authority?

The US Constitution became a legitimate source of authority when it had been ratified by the required 9 states, which happened on 21 Jun 1788. At that point it went into effect for those states that had ratified it and the Congress of the Confederation began the transition process and the government began to operate under the Constitution on 4 March 1789.

The source of authority cited by the Supreme Court for applying the Bill of Rights to the states is?

the fourteenth amendment to the constitution

What is the Jewish source of authority?

The Jewish source of authority is the TeNaKh.

What is the Shinto source of authority?

Shinto has no absolute source of authority.