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Losers usually make a concession speech, conceding defeat by the other candidate.

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Q: What is the speech called when a presidential candidate loses?
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What happens if a senator loses the presidential election?

Many US Senators have run for President without resigning their Senate seats. Those who have often run in their state's next US Senate election.

A candidate for president can win a majority of the total popular vote but still lose the presidential election.?

Generally your little brother has to be the governor of the second largest state in the union. You use his political appointments to disenfranchise millions of voters, then allow the supreme court justices your father appointed to name you the president. Or, you could just win the electoral college.

What is it called when a candidate wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote?

You see, there are also Electoral Votes involved in elections. Each state has a set amount of Electoral Votes; the amount depends on how many counties the state has. When the popular vote is done, it is determined who got the most votes in each state. Once that is determined, ALL of the state's Electoral Votes go to that candidate. After a certain amount of Electoral Votes, a candidate an automatically win the election. In case that was too confusing, here's an example. In the last election, more of Oregon's residents voted for Obama than for McCain. So, all their Electoral College votes (I believe they have 5) went to Obama. There's more about Electoral Votes (they don't always go to the right candidate, for example), but that's the gist of it.

If no candidate has more the half of the votes from the Electoral College who chooses the President of the US?

If no candidate receives the necessary votes in the Electoral College, the election goes to the House of Representatives. In the House, each state gets one vote. So the representatives of the state gather and vote within their delegation and then vote as one on the House floor. The person who receives a majority (26) is elected President. There are some problems with voting in the House. The small states (population wise) have the same influence as the larger states. If a majority of representatives from a state cannot agree on a candidate, that state loses its vote. If some members of the House favor a strong third-party candidate, it could make it difficult for any candidate to get the needed 26 votes.NovaNet: The House of Representatives

How does the speaker of the house lose their position?

The speaker is elected by the House, Since everybody votes by party lines, the speaker loses his job if his party loses its majority. It is also possible that someone within the party could challenge the speaker strongly enough to get him to retire lest he be defeated in a election.

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If a presidential candidate loses the electoral college election can he still win by receiving a majority of popular votes?


What happens when a presidential candidate wins the election based on electoral vote but loses the popular vote?

based on what happened in the 2000 election, he (or she) becomes president.

Why would a person vote for a losing candidate?

No candidate loses until the ballots are counted. How can you be certain that a candidate is a "losing candidate" before the election is held?

Can someone who loses The US Presidential election contest again?


A presidential candidate loses a popular election but wins a majority of votes in the electoral college does he become president?

False!!!!Per the US Constitution, the Electoral College actually is the body that elects the President. There have been some elections in the past where the popular vote was won by a candidate, but the Electoral College elected another candidate.

Where does the losing candidate go after the election?

If the incumbent loses the election, they usually stay until January of the following year until the elected candidate takes office. If the losing candidate is not the incumbent, the losing candidate, just, goes, home!

What part of speech is the word 'loses'?

The word loses is a verb. It is the third person singular present tense of the verb lose.

Can you give me an example of libel as a sentence?

A newspaper prints a false statement about a candidate involved in a local election (that he didn't pay his taxes). The candidate loses the election. <33

What are the most important consequences of the high cost of state and national political campaigns?

If the candidate loses, all of that money went to waste.

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