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"Georgia on My Mind" is a song written in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael (music) and Stuart Gorrell (lyrics).

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Q: What is the state song for Georgia?
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What is the name of the Georgia state song?

Georgia On My Mind

What is Georgia's state song facts?

the only reason he created that song because his sister was named georgia

First name of the carmichael who wrote the song Georgia on your mind which has now become the state song of Georgia?


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The State song of Georgia?

.THE ANSWER IS "GEORGIA ON MY MIND" Written by: Stuart GorrellComposed by: Hoagy Carmichaeli thought it was by my Sean Gretio? Edit by Jerick Errol-Jones

Who sings the song in the Kayem hot dog commercial?

Chad Stokes - From Dispatch and State Radio. State Radio is playing State Of Georgia at the Peace Abbey

Is there a jazz song called Georgia?

yes there is a song called Georgia On My Mind.

When was Georgia - song - created?

Georgia - song - was created on 2005-10-09.

Which river in Georgia is famous because of a song?

Which river in Georgia is famous because of a song?

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