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his power of VETO

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Q: What is the strongest legislative power the president has?
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The strongest legislative power of the governor regarding the legislature is?

The Veto

What power does the executive branch have over the legislative?

The president has no power over the legislative.

What power does the legislative branch have over the executive branch?

The president has no power over the legislative.

What is the strongest power of the president?

theodore was the strongest my name is jack nyberg

How does the president check the legislative branch.?

By the power of the veto.

What is one of the President's primary checks on legislative power?


How can the president chek the power of the legislative branch?

By vetoting legislation

Can legislative branch can veto bills?

No, only the president has this power.

How does the legislative branch limit the power of the president?


What does the president have on the power of the legislative branch?

The president can reject a proposed law through veto.

Who has the power to declair war?

the Legislative Branch can declair war. The President does not have the power to do so!

What government body checks the power of the President?

Both the Legislative (Congress) and the Judicial (Supreme Court), have the power to keep the President's power in check.