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a competitive market

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Q: What is the struggle amoung various producers for the consumer's business called?
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Why did some people believe that lack of competition would hurt consumers?

Theoretically, competition keeps prices low because various firms vie for the business of consumers. When they compete, they attempt to win a larger market share by lowering prices. Therefore, if competition is lacking, prices will increase. Take a monopoly for example. No competition means they can set really high prices.

What is the objectives in creating bulletin board?

Bulletin boards can serve various purposes. The general idea is for them to be used in order to inform others on various different topics. They can be used in a home for reminders of chores and weekly engagements, in office buildings to remind staff of important policies and announcements, as well as in stores to provide consumers with relevant information.

Who where the moderate How did they propose to struggle against British rule?

The moderates were the people who were non-violent and who opposed violence. They proposed to struggle against the British in a non-violent manner. In the first twenty years of its existence, the Congress was "moderate" in its objectives and methods. Its Moderate Leaders practised what was called by the Radicals as the "politics of petition". They would raise various political, administrative and economic issues, place their demands before the government, and expected the government to take action accordingly.

How does Congress use its commerce powers?

The Congress can use its commerce powers in various ways. These may include regulating business activities, breaking monopolies, regulating banks and stock markets and so much more.

What does the budget of the US government represent?

An agreement among various politicians about public spending.

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What is the struggle among various producers for the consumers business?


What is the struggle among various producers for the consumers business called?


What is the struggle among various producers for the consumer business called?


What is the struggle among various producers for the consumer's business called?


How do producers and consumers get their energy?

Producers and consumers exchange energy and matter in various ways. The producers are used as food for the consumers and the consumers are used as fertilizer and food for producers when they die.

Is a egg are consumer or producer?

Eggs are the offspring of various consumers.

Is a Giraffe a primary tertiary or secondary consumers?

Giraffes are primary consumers, as they eat producers, the various plants, leaves, and shrubs which compose their diet. They do not produce their own energy, nor do they eat consumers.

Is a hawk a producer or consumer?

The hawk is both a producer and consumer, producing young and consuming various animals from the food chain.

Do consumers get energy indirectly from the sun?

Yes, consumers indirectly get energy from the sun through various processes. The sun's energy is captured by plants during photosynthesis, converting it into chemical energy stored in the form of carbohydrates. Consumers then obtain this energy by consuming plants or other organisms that have consumed plants.

Which type of organis producers primary consumers or secondary consumers would have the largest population Explain your choice?

Secondary consumers has the largest population because certain products have to go through various chains for them to reach certain people.

What services does Nectar Online provide?

Nectar Online is a website that aims to help combine various producers with consumers by the usage of personalized social media applets. They aim to predict consumer behavior through various interests.

The role of a producer?

the role of producers are organizing business activities supply of various goods efficient utilization of different factors of production expand the demands for various factors of production