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Adding to or changing the Constitution It is called "amending" it. There are currently 27 ratified amendments to the US Constitution.

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Changes to the Constitution are called "amendments".

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Q: What is the term for changing or adding to the Constitution?
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Definition of amendment process?

The process of changing or adding to the US Constitution.

What is the process for adding amendments to the constitution?

allow the law to change to reflect changing times-apex

Why was it necessary to establish flexibility in the constitution?

because it was the constitution's way to keep pace by a process called the amendment-adding to or changing the text of the constitution....( i dont knoe if its right.i tried my best)

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Can the constitution can be changed by adding an amendment?

Yes, the U.S. Constitution can be changed by adding an amendment and it has happened 27 times.

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What is the changing the Constitution called?


Which process did the Founding Fathers implement to allow changes to be made to the US Constitution?

They wanted the Constitution to be a "living document" that could adapt to and address issues of a changing nation.

Can a ban Constitution be change by adding an amendment?

Can A Ban amendment be change by adding a another amendment?

Can the US The constitution be changed by adding an amendment?

Nope :)

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