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Balance of powers

The Framers of the Constitution, following john Locke and Edmund Burke, late 17th century political philosophers, sought to curtail governmental tyranny.

Montesquieu, a French political philosopher, proffered to split the powers of the government into executive, legislative and judicial. John Madison, among others, was impressed by these thoughts of diffusing the power of government to maximize the liberties of humankind.

Thus the Constructional Convention accepted this idea. In addition, to further the diffusion of governmental power, it gave unenumerated powers to the States.

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In the United States of America we call it "Separation of Powers", with those powers being the Legislative Power, Executive Power, and Judiciary. Represented respectfully by the Congress, The President, and Supreme Court. The first three Articles of the Constitution explains the specific powers afforded each.

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Separation of powers

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Q: What is the term for spilt of authority among the three branches of government?
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