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US Supreme Court decisions are called "Opinions."

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Q: What is the term for the decrees of the US Supreme Court?
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What is the justices in supreme court term in office?

in the US Supreme Court, life

What term is defined as a person who has the responsibility to carry out laws of the decrees of the supreme court?


The US Supreme Court is made up of nine what?

The US Supreme Court has nine justices, the Court's official term for its judges.

What does the US Supreme Court defined the term search to occur?

The U.S. Supreme Court has defined the term "search" to occur when

What term is used when the US Supreme Court agrees with the lower court?


What is the highest court in the US?

The US Supreme Court is the highest court in the US. Each state has its own Supreme Court, but the US Supreme Court is the end of the line.

What cases did the US Supreme Court hear in the 2008 Term?

You can read all opinions from the 2008 Term on the Supreme Court website, via the Related Link, below.

What is the length of the term of office for justices of the US supreme court?

For a supreme court justice, the term is usually life. But you can be voted out through some crazy process or you can resign.

What is the term for a judge who sits on the us supreme court?

Chief of Justice

What term is used to excuse a US Supreme Court justice from a case?


Which President nominated the fewest justices to the US Supreme Court?

President Jimmy Carter was the only full-term US President who never had an opportunity to nominate a US Supreme Court justice.

Does the US Supreme Court Term last until the first Monday of November?

No. A US Supreme Court Term begins on the first Monday in October and ends on the first Monday in October of the following year, the same day the next Term begins.