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Q: What is the term for when a district is intentionally configured to maximize the influence of a certain group?
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What type of district is a congressional district whose boundaries are drawn so as to maximize the voting power of minority groups?

Majority-Minority Districts

The main priorty of American foreign policy is to?

The main priority of American foreign policy was to maximize on the production of exports. This is based on the fact that the economy mainly depended on exports.

What are two goals of politicians when they gerrymander during redistricting?

The goal of "Gerrymandering" is to re-draw a district's boundaries in order to maximize your voters while keeping out your opponents. While typically successful, the remaining districts are then filled with voters from the other party, resulting in districts that vote overwhelmingly for their own party - which then tends to throw the local-city-state-federal governments into gridlock as it becomes virtually impossible for an independent or bi-partisan candidate to be elected.

What principle did the navigation acts establish?

The Navigation Acts were an attempt to put the theory of Mercantilism into practice in the British colonies. The object of mercantilism was to minimize imports that cost the nation money, and maximize exports that made the nation money. Colonies were a means of reducing England's dependence on foreign nations. Each colony would provide a raw material to England and this would allow the nation to not have to purchase that product from another nation.

Gerrymandering is named after what founding father?

Gerrymandering was named after Elbridge Gerry. Gerry was Governor of Massachusetts at the time, and he was in the middle of an effort of purging Federalists from positions of power in the state. The districts that he drew to maximize his own party's chances were said to resemble salamanders, giving rise to the word gerrymander. Gerry lost his re-election bid, but his work for his party was rewarded by President James Madison, who named Gerry as Vice President when Madison's first VP, George Clinton, passed away. Gerry would die in office two years later.

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What type of district is a congressional district whose boundaries are drawn so as to maximize the voting power of minority groups?

Majority-Minority Districts

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What is the redrawing of congressional district lines to reflect population shifts called?

gerrymandering - it is named afgter Elbridge Gerry, the governor of Massachusettes, in the 1812 elections. A district is said to have been gerrymandered when its hsape is altered substantially by the dominant party in a state legistalure to maximize its electoral strength at the expense of the minoority party.

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