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what is the term legnth of the execusive branch

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Q: What is the term length for the executive branch?
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What is the executive branch length of term and term limits and duties?

The Judicial Districts.

Who was the head of the executive branch of Texas in 1845 and how long was their term?

president boshscowsy and 16 years was the length of term for him.

What is the term for executive Branch?

the executive branch is the president so it is 4 years.

Executive branch term?

The Executive Branch consists of the President and Vice President. The term of their presidency is four years or if re-elected eight years.

Which term is best defined as the branch of government that administers and enforces the law?

executive branch

Which branch is the only one subject to term limit?

The executive branch, namely the presidency, is the only office on which there are any term limits,

Which branch of government is most of the federal bureaucracy found in?


How long is executive branches terms?

The executive branch has a fixed term of 4 years only due to the Constitution.

What branch of government is the president chief of?

The president is chief of the executive branch of government.

Which branch appoints judges and cabinet members?

The Executive Branch.

The president is part of what branch of government?

The President is chief executive officer of the Executive Branch.

What branch of government enforces laws?

executive branch