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what is the titanics nickname

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Q: What is the titanics nickname?
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What was the titanics nicname?

Well, techincally speaking her official name was RMS Titanic. So cutting off the RMS part, "Titanic" really was her nickname! There was no other nickname.

The iceberg ruptured how many of the Titanics watertight compartments?

The iceberg ruptured how many of the Titanics watertight compartments

Who was titanics designer?

Thomas Andrews

Who rescued titanics passengers?

The Carpathia

Who was the titanics chef?

charles proctor

Surname of titanics captain?


What was the ship that saved the titanics survivors?


What size was the titanics anchor?

24 ounces

What was titanics ship sister?

The Britannic and the Olympic

Who was titanics capten?

edward john smith

How strong is Ryan Hou?

he is as strong as 31 titanics

Did the titanics band go down with the Titanic?