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Actual authority

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Q: What is the type of authority that government personnel must have in order to bind the federal government?
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A formal order given by a higher authority?

A formal order given by a higher authority is called a mandate. This can be an order given by a higher court or a person in higher power within the government.

Why is it beneficial for the federal government to have certain powers rather than the states?

It is good for the federal government to have special powers in order to uphold the constitution. If there was no central government, some state governments would treat citizens unfairly.

What is the federal bureaucracy called the undefined branch?

They are undefined because the structure and system of their power isn't clearly laid out in the Constitution. The Constitution clearly defines the Presidency, the Congress, and the Judicial system for the federal government. However, those that support the three branches aren't spelled out; this has allowed the three branches to delegate their authority to these groups (whether for good or ill) in order to efficiently improve the functions of government.

Which government authority first administered laws governing bridges including construction operation and alterations?

The Army Corps of Engineers.

What are many federal programs funded through?

A grant-in-aid provides funds from one level of government to another level of government to be used for specific purposes. Such funds are usually accompanied by requirements and standards set by the governing body for how they are to be spent. An example of this is the Federal Government requiring states to raise the drinking age in order to continue to qualify for federal funds for interstate highways.

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Who directed regular army forces to maintain law and order in support of civilian Authority?

The federal government

How does unitary government differ from a federal government?

In a unitary government the power is held by one central authority but in a federal government, the power is divided between national (federal) government and local (state) governments. Federal government v has multiple hierarchy levels, with both the central authority and the states (or provinces) both being sovereign.v the central (national) rules override the state rules v has a balance between them. IE the US v shared between national and local levels. In a federal form of government, the term "federal" is also used to refer to the national level of government. Unitary government v there is no hierarchy of sovereign powers. v states have no authority to pass their own laws, and the central (national) govt can order the states to do anything -- just like a state can order a town to do anything, because the town is not sovereign. v is the federal government has a huge percentage of the power. IE Japan

What support is the government giving to job creation?

The Federal Government is printing trillions of Dollars and expanding the Federal Government in order to meet the needs of an expanding government. Eventually everyone will work for the Federal Government.

Where do state courts get their authority?

State courts have always had their own authority. In colonial times, each separate colony maintained its own government and tended to its own business legislatively and judicially. Thus, states already had judicial authority. There ws no federal government to superced state government in areas of federal concern as there is today. Before the US Constitution was created, the new United States operated under the Articles of Confederation. Under the Articles, states retained all of their original autonomy and authority especially with regard to judicial matters relating to their own legal matters. The US Constitution created a federal government that has only certain specific and limited powers that affected the states as a single country rather than as a group of individual state governments. The federal government's authority superseded state authority in those national areas but left state authority that did not conflict with the federal authority intact. Judicial matters that arose only under state law were left to the state courts to handle. In order to enforce federal law in a consistent manner from one state to another, the Constitution created federal judicial authority but it was only over federal matters such as issues that arose under federal law. These are referred to as "federal questions." Therefore, the Constitution simply allowed the states to retain their already existing judicial authority. This was accomplished in the Constitution in Article III, which created the federal judiciary and gave it authority over federal questions. The Tenth Amendment stated that all powers not given to the federal government were retained by the states. Since the Constitution did not take away state court authority over internal matters, state courts retained that authority.

What did Washington's action in crushing the whiskey rebellion signify to the country?


Give you a sentence using word authority?

The government has the authority to enforce laws and regulations to maintain order in society.

How did the delegates to the Constitution Convention balance the power of the state and national governments?

In order balance the competing claims of local self-government district interests and national authority, the Constitution assigns certain functions to the federal government and leaves all others to the state.

A formal order given by a higher authority?

A formal order given by a higher authority is called a mandate. This can be an order given by a higher court or a person in higher power within the government.

What is a presidential executive order?

When the president uses his authority as head of the government to order a federal agency to perform certain actions. This does not require congressional approval.

The framers created the federal system in order?

In order to PREVENT tyranny by dividing the powers of government.

What has the author Adrian Burdon written?

Adrian Burdon has written: 'Authority and order' -- subject(s): Authority, Church, Government, Methodist Church

Is it true or false OSHA regulations affect employers and employees under federal government authority?

Except for the Postal Service, federal OSHA has no direct jurisdiction over government employers. Several Federal agencies have memoranda of understanding with OSHA that establish a process for inspections by OSHA, but not for fines. In addition, by Presidential Order, all military agencies must have an occupational safety and health program at least as effective as that of OSHA.