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"industrial revolution" silver ignots

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Q: What is the value of hamilton mint presidential ingots?
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What is the value of 50 state set of Hamilton mint silver ingots?

About 2,000 maybe more as an invester set

What is the value of an 1974 hamilton mint world of flight silver collection?

Original cost was $717.50 for 50 1oz .999 fine silver ingots. Shipped in sets of 2 ingots. Entire set of 50 ingots included display sheets for ingots, a color picture of the plane, and a description and history of each plane bound in a book.

What is the value of Danbury mint 5000 grain silver 36 presidential ingots set in original case?

Each ingot is worth about $300. The whole set is 300 x 36.

Franklin mint presidential silver ingots - mint set of 36 -1974?

Today, 25-Mar-2010, between $.42 and $.47 per gram.

What is the current value of Franklin mint ingots medals from 1970's?

I need prices from 1970's Christmas medals and ingots.

What is the value of a presidential coin set?

$72 in mint condition.

What is the value of the Franklin Mint - The World's Greatest Aircraft complete set?

The First Edition Proof Set consist of 50 Gold on Bronze Ingots. 100 ingots

How much is an uncirculated mint presidential dollar coin worth?

Current value is $1.75

What is the value of the Franklin Mint Presidential Commemorative Medals American Express Edition?


What is the value of gold John Elway Super Bowl 33 MVP coin from Hamilton Mint?

While a John Elway Super Bowl 33 MVP coin from Hamilton Mint is uncommon, it does not have a high price tag. Currently, a John Elway Hamilton Mint coin is worth about 40.00.

How much are Franklin mint silver ingots worth?

The value of Franklin Mint and other private mint sets are based primarily the silver bullion value, but other factors include rarity, condition, attractiveness, completeness, etc. Start with the bullion value. The Rockwell's Fondest Memories set has 10 1500-grain sterling silver ingots. Silver bullion value as of today is calculated as follows: (1500 grains*10 ingots = 15000 grains; 15000 grains/480 grains/oz = 31.25 troy oz Sterling; 31.25 oz * 0.925 purity = 28.9 oz. pure silver; 28.9 oz silver @ $13.67/oz = $395). The silver price is constantly changing, so the bullion value changes with it. This particular set is not unusually rare. If you are buying this set from a coin dealer or website, expect to pay a 20%-30% premium over the bullion value. If you are selling, expect to get an offer of 20%-30% less. For details of this particular set, you can check it out on my website at

What is the value of the 1997 us presidential coins?

The U.S. Mint did not produce any 1997 Presidential coins. You may have brass tokens from Reader's Digest magazine that are dated 1997. The tokens have no numismatic value.