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Q: What is the word meaning to promote the cause of?
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What is the meaning of the word hygienic?

Of or relating to hygiene.Tending to promote or preserve health.Sanitary.

What is the root word for promotion?

The root word for promotion is "promote," which comes from the Latin word "promovere," meaning "to move forward."

What is the word meaning to cause to flow?

The word you are looking for is "discharge." It means to release or cause to flow.

How can you use the word synergy in a sentence to clearly show the meaning of the word?

The manager wanted to promote synergy, cooperation, and teamwork with the employees.

Antonym of the word promote?

An antonym is a word that means that opposite of another. For example the antonym of the word "encourage" is the word "discourage" because it has the opposite meaning.

What a sentence for the word promulgate?

Meaning "to promote" or "to spread around," the term "promulgate" has a variety of uses in contemporary English. Just one of them is modeled in the following sentence: "Asking others to promulgate your ideas before a hostile audience is one thing; doing it for yourself is quite another. "

To promote the cause?

To promote the cause is to further the progress of it, to support it or actively encourage it. Today the principle way to promote things is on the internet.

What is a 6 letter word meaning to cause death?


What are the differences between sectional and cause pressure groups?

sectional is where they promote a certain section in society where as cause they promote a certain cause.

What is the meaning of the word promulgate?

To promulgate means to officially announce or make known a new law, regulation, or decree by publishing it or declaring it publicly. It involves the formal proclamation of a rule or order to ensure that it is widely understood and followed.

What does promote with peers mean?

Promote has two meanings. The first meaning of promote is to support, or actively encourage something such as an event, business or individual. The second meaning of promote is to raise someone to a higher position or rank.

What is the English meaning of Malayalam word nimittam?

cause / reason / omen