What is theocray?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I'm Guessing you mean "Theocracy" b/c "theocray" is not a word; therefore I'll answer your question based on the assumption that you meant the former.

A theocracy is a state which is governed by a religion and its ideologies; and practice of the respective religion is obviously state-ordained and compulsory for every citizen. Legislation is implemented and based on the scripture of the respective religion.

In a theocracy the government power structure is comprised of the religious hierarchy (i.e.- archbishops, priests, ministers, etc) who have sole administrative authority over the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. There may be secular state administrators but they are always subordinate to the religious hierarchy.

This is in contrast to a monarchy, even though there may be a state-sanctioned religion and a king that supposedly rules by "divine right". In a true theocracy, in order to be "king" or supreme ruler, an individual would have to climb up the religious hierachy since its structure is synonymous with the political administration. In monarchies and dictatorships, the political infrastructure is usually based on heritage, on an elite ruling class, or it may be dependent upon seizing control in the case of a Dictatorship- nonetheless it has nothing to do with one's position in the religious hierarchy or church; which distinguishes these forms of government from a theocracy.

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Q: What is theocray?
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