What is vally forge?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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That was where Washington's army stayed during the winter of 1777. This was a critical point in the Revolution, as moral was low due to the bad conditions. Valley Forge was a military camp of the American Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

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Valley Gorge was a military site located in Pennsylvania. During the American Revolution, it was a military camp for the American Continental Army.

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Q: What is vally forge?
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Where is Vally Forge located?

Vally Forge is located in NW of Philadlphia

What happened at Vally Forge?


Was Molly Pitcher in a group or orginazation?

Vally forge

What happened first winter at Valley Forge or the Battle of Bunker Hill?

Winter at vally forge

Where did American spend winter 1777-1778?

vally forge

How was the winter at vally forge?

It was brutal winter and many died from frostbite.

Where did the Continental Army spend hard winter of 1777-78?

Vally Forge

Where did American army spend a bitter hungry demoralizing winter in 1777-1778?

Vally Forge PA

Where did the Continental Army almost freeze during the revolutionary war?

Vally Forge, PA

In what way did George Washington serve as a example to the Continental Army?

A way he did that was by rallying them and training them at vally forge

What is the name of the camp near Philadelphia where General Washington and his men suffered during the winter of 1777?

Vally Forge

Who volunteered to drill washington's army at vally forge?

Baron Fredreich von Steuben, a Prussian military officier.