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This would be Scott number US 651. It has a value of $2.25 in mint condition and $1 in used condition.

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Q: What is value of George Rogers clark stamp issued in 1929?
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Who was the featured on the first government issued postage stamp?

This depends on the country Great Britain issued the first stamp and it featured Queen Victoria. The first US Stamp featured George Washington.

Who was the first pres to be on a postage stamp?

George Washington appears on the 2nd postage stamp issued in the US in 1847. Ben Franklin was on the first.

When did they start printing George Washington's face on postage stamps?

With the second stamp issued by the US in 1847.

What is stamp worth George rogers clark commemorative stamp 2 cent?

Even mint, in the best condition, almost nothing. If you were buying from a dealer, you might have to pay as high as US $0.50. Selling it, it's worth around its postage value (2 cents), or you might get as high as 10 cents if you find the right person.

When was the Hugo black stamp issued?

Hugo L Black stamp was issued when

What does the WM Rogers stamp IS mean?

International Silver, which bought the rights to the (eagle) Wm Rogers (star) stamp in 1989.

What are the three acts that were issued by King George the 3rd on the American colonists?

The Stamp Act, the Quartering Act, and the Townshend Acts.

1840 to 1940 Victorian george stamp how much is it worth?

6 different Victoria and George stamps were issued. The prices vary depending on which stamp you have and whether it's mint or used. The price varies from .20 cents to $4.50

Who is on the Purple Heart stamp?

George Washington. He created the Purple Heart Medal and the stamp was celebrated at his house in Mount Vernon. The Stamp issued by the US Post Office that depicts the Purple Heart Medal (but not the ribbon) is a copy of the actual Army medal. The medal was first issued as a medal for bravery and does have the bust of George Washington on a heart-shaped metal badge. Later, beginning in World War 2 the PHM was issued to soldiers wounded in combat.

Which country issued the first postage stamp?

Great Britain issued the first postage stamp in 1840.

When was locomotive 1870 stamp issued?

Scott Number 1897A The stamp has been issued in several versions and was reingraved. The first version was issued in 1981. The next version was in 1985.

Which county was the first to issue a Christmas postage stamp?

US states do not issue postage stamps. The US post office issued their first Christmas stamp in 1962. Canada issued the first stamp referred to as a Christmas Stamp. It was the map issue of 1898 and said XMAS 1898 on the stamp.