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The main inscription on the front architrave (well above the main doors) is: "Equal Justice Under Law"; the one on the rear of the building says "Justice, the Guardian of Liberty."

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Enter flying turtles

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The Ten Commandments.

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In God we Trust

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Q: What is written above the main doors of the US Supreme Court Building?
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What courts are lower than the US Supreme Court?

AnswerOn the fourth floor of the The Supreme Court building they have a Court gym, including a basketball court and it is referred to jokingly as "the highest court in the land."There is no court higher than the US Supreme Court. They are the ultimate arbiters of law in the US, and it's well-established in prior court cases that the Supreme Court is not required to abide by the decisions of any other court, even international ones.

Why does this article refer to this court as supreme?

I'm not sure what article you're referencing, but it's likely referring to the United States Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court is the highest court in the country, with jurisdiction over federal and state court cases.

What does The supremacy clause of the Constitution forbids?

States from passing laws that contradict federal law.

How do you abbreviate Justice of the Supreme Court?

When the meaning of the abbreviation can be understood in context (for example, in the text of an opinion), the abbreviation is simply "J." In academic writing or journalism, the Supreme Court of the United States is identified, and the justices are then referred to as "Justice" or "Chief Justice," rather than by the Court's standard abbreviation, shown above.

Who is in charge of the Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch includes not only courts, but the US Supreme Court justices, lower court judges, federally employed prosecutors, public defenders and other attorneys, support staff, clerks of court, and many other people.In the United States, only the Article III (constitutional courts) are part of the Judicial Branch. There are many other courts in the federal court system, but most of them were created under Congress' authority in Article I, and are actually part of the Legislative Branch.Only the courts listed below are included in the Judicial Branch:Federal Judicial Branch94 US District Courts1 US Court of International Trade13 US Courts of Appeals Circuit Courts1 Supreme Court of the United States

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Who is above a judge in Richmond Virginia?

The Supreme Court

What is inscribed above the chief justice of the supreme court?

The Ten Commandments.

Why is the supreme court called the high court.?

The US Supreme Court is called the high court because it is the last court in which federal questions (questions of federal and constitutional law) can be decided. There is no forum above the Supreme Court in which to appeal a decision. In the United States, "high court" is simply a colloquialism for the US Supreme Court. In some countries, the "High Court" is part of the proper title for the court.

What quote is above the doors of the US Supreme Court?

Equal Justice For All

Which rule of law is the US Constitution above?


Can one appeal from the Court of Appeals?

Yes, unless it's a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

What did supreme court say in its plessy v Ferguson decision?

That segregation laws were constitutional

What must a supreme court justice do in order to stay on the bench?

A Supreme Court justice must remain above reproach in his or her personal life. Justices can be impeached if they are guilty of moral turpitude or crimes of law.

What are courts that have the authority to hear appeals and review cases from lower courts?

The appeal courts has the jurisdiction to override the ruling of a lower court such as the local court. But appeals courts can be over ruled by three things a presidential pardon, State Supreme Court, Circuit Court and the Supreme Court of the United States located in Washington DC. Here is the list of courts by what they can be overruled by. 1. Supreme Court of the United States, cannot be overruled 2. Circuit Courts- Can be overruled by presidential pardon, and Supreme Court of the United States. 3. State Supreme Court, can be overruled by US Supreme Court, Circuit Court and Presidential pardon 4. Appellate Courts- Can be overruled by US Supreme Court, Circuit Court, Presidential Pardon, and State Supreme Court 5. Local Courts- Can be overruled by any of the above and presidential pardon.

What was included in the US Constitution in order to deal with the grievance expressed above?

The Establishment of the supreme court i think

What are the parts in a judicial branch?

At a local level, there are local trial courts, the only courts that don't act as appellate courts. Above the local trial courts are intermediate appellate courts, above which is the State Supreme Court. At a federal level, there are circuit and district courts, with the Federal Supreme Court at the top.

What is an intermediate courts of appeal?

An intermediate court of appeal is a court, usually in bigger states, that may take an appeal from a trial court. Above the intermediate court of appeal is the supreme court of a state. Consists of about 3-5 judges.